About Us

          OUR STORY          

Our story began in 2021, when we were planning for my sister-in laws wedding. When contacting vendors, we realized the insane prices people were charging for everything including tent rentals. From there, we started to plan our vision of opening a company, where we could provide great service, and at an affordable price.

When observing tents being put up for both my sister in laws wedding in 2021 and summer of 2022, I noticed they were pushing quantity over quality and on top showing up at 11:00 pm to setup.

After the tents were up, my father-in-law and I had to go fix a lot of what they had done.  At the end, we got charged for things we didn’t rent!

With this, we opened our company- BlackN’White Tent Rentals in August 2022.

Why book us:

· We provide great customer service and on time service.

· We take our time; we push for quality over quantity and do not rush the job.

· We quote based on what is fair for our time spent, and what is affordable for our customers.

· We try to keep our inventory as clean as possible- washing our chairs, tables, dance floor and tents.

· We have fixed pricing – fair pricing from the start and leave no place for surprises to the end.

· We are a family operated business; we are able to provide low costs without sacrificing the quality of our products.


We have served events from weddings, grad parties, bridal and baby showers, engagement parties, birthday parties and everything in between.